NPA SMART Goals serve as a tool in our over-arching goal of Continuous School Improvement. As a whole-school approach, SMART goals specifically help us improve on our internal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts and the external reviewer goal (Cognia Accreditation Team) of data-informed practice and review.

SMART Goal Timeline

  1. Discuss possible goals with department, colleague, or DoF

  2. Take time to plan your DEI and Data Goals using the resources below and prior experience

  3. Fill out the SMART Goal Template (1 for each goal, Data and DEI)

    NPA_SMART Goal Template_Blank_Updated 2023-24.docx

  4. Submit your SMART Goals at through the Google Classroom form.

SMART Goal Resources

SMART Goal Template with Guiding Questions

Guided Worksheet and Examples

Data SMART Goal Examples

In-depth SMART Goal Walkthrough